The Coming Glory Hope Now for Life After Death

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The Coming Glory: Hope Now for Life After Death provides clear biblical comfort for those facing their own mortality. It answers seven concerns many have, such as "How can I prepare for my departure?", "What happens right after death", and "What comfort do I have now?"

With his experience as a minister of congregational care, Paul Swets comes alongside the listener as a pastor and gently offers the extraordinary hope of Scripture for eternal life.

A college professor wrote, "Having lost my spouse, I turned to sources of comfort and assurance. I found answers in The Coming Glory."

Scripture, hymns, engaging content, large print, and chapter summaries make The Coming Glory accessible to every reader.

Swets is passionate about helping readers be strengthened in their faith and filled with hope as they anticipate the coming glory. He has degrees in Psychology, Theology, American Culture, and Effective Communication.

You may email Paul at or go to the book's website,, for more information.