50 Golden Rules for a Happy and Fulfilled Life Great, quick, plain and simple read. Challenge yourself and change your frame of mind; probably your life for the better.

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A fine group of simple rules that have the potential to greatly change your life. No kidding !

Ever wanted a compass for life? Herein is a very unique step by step guide; self-motivation broken down into defined everyday life issues; love, money, romance, karma, justice, your purpose of life and several more. Figuratively, a medical doctor's self help dissection notepad. The rules are plain amazing, simple and down to earth. I would say trivial common sense and yet very uplifting ! 

Need that extra drive, clarity or motivation? Take a chance ! Be enlightened and inspired ! 

Guess what, it's short and concise. No long hours of boring sleep inducing reverberations. Read or Listen on your way to work, your next train ride, or just your next casual walk !

Dare to check it out and ride along , Let the ball roll...... !