Dead Witch Walking A Paranormal Cozy Mystery

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A surprise homecoming. A looming shadow. A witch in desperate need of a vacation.

Psychic Nora Ashcroft is ready to start fresh . . . again. Three months after a portal opened up and swallowed her future, it's time to move on. But her long-awaited romance with a certain bartender may have to take a backseat once more after the body of a murdered witch disappears from the crime scene.

When clues point to necromancy, Nora finds herself at the top of the suspect list. And as she juggles a witch's unexpected return to Eastwind, a dangerous stalker, and an unidentified hellhound on the loose, this Fifth Wind might have to tap into some unpleasant powers if she wants to avoid a life behind bars.

Will Nora solve the case of the missing corpse before her budding romance withers?


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