Vickie Her beginning is the beginning for all of us.

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Vickie is a powerful woman whose tragedies have only served to forge her spirit into an avenging angel to some and a Valkyrie to others. She is not politically correct or surgical in her methods. She is blunt, unashamed and has no fear of consequences as she dispenses her brand of justice. Yet while she deals with the issues that affect her and people she cares about, she sometimes finds herself as a redeemer. All of it is to prepare her for her destiny that will change the world.

Read the book series that deals with real-life situations and delves into areas that a number of people face. Vickie will do the things that most of us would like to do. This book series has been narrated by actors for the audiobook and already has a pitch screenplay by a Hollywood producer. Also translated in various languages, see why people of all walks of life are emotional about this character. You will either love or hate Vickie but enjoy the stories.

Vickie is book one of the Vickie series which shows us her beginning. We follow Vickie from a young child and start to see what made her what she is to become. This story takes us from her childhood to her first jobs out of college. Her path is set. Tragedy and trauma are the crucibles that forge her. She must succeed; she must be strong for the sake of many.

The Vickie series being worked on to be a TV series. For more information:


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