Napoleon Hill's Power of Positive Action An Official Publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation

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Those who enjoy the power of positive action accomplish more, have less stress, live with fewer regrets, become more self-disciplined, and demonstrate personal persistence. These qualities contribute to making our unique world a better place to live. We improve the world by simply taking positive action.

If you decide to take positive action, you will begin to reap the benefits immediately. You will begin to decree to your subconscious mind that you are an action-oriented person who accepts no excuses.

Napoleon Hill's Power of Positive Action will provide you with tools to help you:

   Adopt a positive attitude   

Achieve better physical health

   Find harmony in relationships

   Gain freedom from fear

   See hope for the future

   Acquire the capacity for faith

   Grow a desire to share

   Keep an open mind

   Achieve self-discipline

By following the steps outlined in this book, you become the scriptwriter for your life's story and the creator of your own advancement and success.


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