Female Firebrands Stories and Techniques to Ignite Change, Take Control, and Succeed in the Workplace

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Saying NO to the Workplace Status Quo: 13 Women Who Are Rewriting the Rules
Women of all generations will nod in recognition at the stories of thirteen professional women from diverse backgrounds and industries as they recount the career challenges they've faced and how they have overcome bias, sexism, and the power imbalance. If you’ve ever wondered what a true firebrand is, you’ll find out in Mikaela Kiner’s powerful first book.
Full of practical examples and valuable insights and techniques, Female Firebrands is an honest, modern, and solutions-oriented guide for dealing with situations working women know all too well: sexual harassment, not being taken seriously, and being talked over, passed over, underpaid, and underappreciated.
Just like millions of other women who are trying to navigate the workplace every day, the firebrands are whole people, dealing with work, family, balance, confidence, and the need to stay motivated and strong. These role models stand out from the crowd with their inspirational stories, not just because they’ve been successful in their careers, but also because they’re mission driven, doing good in the world, and making a difference for all women.
Mid-career professional women will read this book and know they're not alone—and women earlier in their careers can save years of heartache and frustration by learning what's worked for women who came before them.
Female Firebrands provides the wisdom and advice that will help you—
• Develop tools and techniques to stand and speak up on behalf of yourself and others when it’s both difficult and necessary
• Get better at recognizing “little indignities” you don’t have to tolerate
• Understand what it means to be an informed, empowered advocate for women
• Increase awareness of your own blind spots and biases so you can learn from them
• Recognize the role of privilege at work and how it can be used for positive change
Mikaela Kiner has an MS in Human Resources Management, is a certified executive coach, and is an experienced consultant. In 2015, Mikaela founded Reverb, a leading provider of innovative HR services for startups and growing companies in the Pacific Northwest. An HR leader for nearly twenty years, Kiner enjoys coaching leaders at all levels and helping companies build healthy, inclusive cultures. She's been quoted in Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, and The Muse and is a member of the Forbes Human Resources Council. Mikaela is married to Henry, a musician, artist, and teacher. Their two children, Simon and Sidonie, are good at challenging the status quo and are a constant source of learning and laughter. She lives with her family in Seattle.
“Reading Female Firebrands is like getting to listen to a private conversation among powerful, smart women sharing their war stories about the challenges of being a woman in the workplace. Kiner is personable, authentic, and pragmatic. The book combines inspiration with actionable advice targeted not only to female professionals, but also to men who want to be better advocates and HR and business leaders who want to lead better.”
—Julie Pham, VP of Community Engagement & Marketing, Washington Technology Industry Association
“A frank, straightforward examination of what women face in the workplace on a daily basis. Mikaela incorporates stories from a strong cross-section of women, with up-to-the-minute examples that made me ache with empathy, grind my teeth in indignation, and applaud the courage of women everywhere who are choosing to stand up to change the workplace for themselves—and for all of us.”
—Amy Sallin, Director at the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship
5 % of the profits from the sale of Female Firebrands will be donated to BEST—Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking


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