Parenting Bright Kids Who Struggle in School A Strength-Based Approach to Helping Your Child Thrive and Succeed

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Parenting Bright Kids Who Struggle in School guides parents through the challenging and often unfamiliar landscape of raising kids who have been labeled with learning differences, including dyslexia, ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder, and more. This book:

● Builds upon Harvard professor Todd Rose's groundbreaking research in the "Science of Individuality."

● Helps parents target their child's jagged profile of strengths and weaknesses.

● Explains a child's context of learning and multiple pathways.

● Teaches revolutionary techniques to encourage strengths and mitigate weaknesses.

● Helps parents manage the emotional fallout of raising a child who does not conform to the "average" model of learning.

Drawing from her own experience as a parent of a child with learning differences—who is now a highly successful adult—the author outlines clear lessons from a quarter century of advocating for kids who learn differently.