Queen of Poison

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Betrayal surrounds her. Doom beckons her. Yet she will hunt one last time.

Captured, heartbroken, shackled in torturous iron mittens that keep her shade deeply suppressed, Ayleth knows Fendrel keeps her alive for one purpose: she is his only remaining weapon against the resurrected Dread Odile. Once her task is complete, she will be executed. It's as simple as that.

But Ayleth isn't about to give in that easily.

Meanwhile, Gerard is held prisoner in his own castle by his uncle's orders—Fendrel must keep his nephew alive in order to force the ancient prophecy into completion. However, Gerard sees a different path before him, and he is resolved to follow it to the end.

As the forces of the Witch Queen wreak havoc across the land, can Ayleth and Gerard come to terms with the truth of their pasts . . . and face their destinies with courage?


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