Finding Elizabeth

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One horrific crime. One missing suspect.

When an officer is called to a house, he discovers a chilling and bizarre crime scene. Sitting at a dining room table, as if enjoying their evening meal, he finds the decomposing bodies of an entire family. Each one murdered and posed like mannequins.

The only person missing from the disturbing scene is the family maid, Elizabeth.

Detective Richard Crombie is assigned the case but after weeks of pressure and no results, he reluctantly requests the help of criminal psychiatrist, Doctor Killam, who once worked with Scotland Yard.

But who did kill the family? Does Elizabeth hold the key to the violent mystery?

While the Detective and the Doctor investigate the murders and hunt for the missing maid, it becomes apparent that they are up against a terrifying psychopath who has a thirst for death and no intention of stopping . . .

Contains mature themes.