Anatomy of a Witch A Map to the Magical Body

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This book is a guide to the most magical tool in your possession—your body. Not just your physical flesh and blood body, but also your symbolic Witch body, the conduit for bringing the material and metaphysical worlds together. Within this book, you will explore hands-on magical practices and exercises related to your lungs, heart, bones, mind, and the serpent.

Explore the profound correspondences between your body, the mythos of tarot, and the five elements. Practice rituals and activities designed to put you in touch with the rhythms and energies of your material and spiritual being. Anatomy of a Witch is all about embracing the body and tapping into your personal power, despite the limiting beliefs that society foists upon us. Through dozens of activities, writing prompts, spells, and rituals, you will connect with the seen and unseen worlds, your ancestors, and your living community. Magic flows most freely when you are in tune with your intuition and your capable, present, and powerful true self.