Change Intelligence Use the Power of CQ to Lead Change That Sticks

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Whether you’re on the front line or in the executive suite, you can build your “Change Intelligence®”—and create results that matter at all levels of the organization.
In today’s business world, everyone knows that we all face constant change, whether it’s the implementation of a new IT system, a reorganization, or a full merger or acquisition. We also know that the ability to handle such change makes the difference between success and failure—and has a direct effect on the bottom line. Because we understand this, twenty-first century executives, supervisors, and project managers have plenty of methodologies for managing change. Yet, somehow, our failure rate when we try to implement major organizational change is still shockingly high.
In this innovative guide, Barbara Trautlein argues that our current approaches are inadequate when they are not used in tandem with a deep understanding of Change Intelligence®, or CQ®—the skill set that allows you to lead your team or company through vital transformations. You’ll explore how to lead change by engaging the Heart, enlightening the Head, and equipping the Hands, which when combined enable you to overcome resistance and achieve results. And once you learn your own Change Leader Style, you’ll go on to discover practical strategies for leveraging your strengths and shoring up your weak spots.
Trautlein, a leading authority on change leadership, keeps the theory light and delves into insightful case studies drawn from her decades of experience working with hundreds of top organizations as well as from her research derived from the global Change Intelligence/CQ Assessment® database of thousands of change leaders around the world. Her example- and evidence-based approach will help you plainly see how you can start driving real transformation—not by adopting yet another new tool but by bolstering your own capacity for change leadership.


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