Whole Truth A Fresh Money-Making Method to Wholesale, the Most Misunderstood Side of Your Business

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Dale Pollak reveals the whole truth about wholesaling vehicles and provides a path for dealers to make more money as they wholesale inventory.

In Whole Truth, Dale Pollak, best-selling author and highly regarded innovator in automotive retail, will lead you on a deep dive into the business of wholesaling vehicles, following unprecedented market conditions that followed the onset of COVID-19 and the ongoing disruption to new and used vehicle supply chains.

Whole Truth examines the reasons dealers have long regarded selling wholesale vehicles as a money-losing proposition, and why the rise of new technologies, data science, and a more efficient wholesale marketplace now offers dealers an opportunity to create a double-barreled business in their used vehicle departments. The book dissects the half-truths of wholesaling that are rooted in the history of the wholesale market and continue to erode dealers’ profit-making potential as they wholesale vehicles, even in this unprecedented era of easy money.

Pollak draws from the perspective and techniques of top-performing wholesale sellers to disclose the inconsistencies and creative math that undermine a dealer’s ability to yield consistent profits as they wholesale vehicles. Whole Truth also introduces Project Upside, a new solution that enables a more comprehensive, controllable, and convenient method for dealers to achieve consistent wholesale profits with no risk as market conditions normalize After reading this book, you can expect to gain—

• Greater understanding of the disparity between dealers and top-performing wholesalers
• A new way to size up and sell wholesale vehicles in a manner that achieves consistent profits every month
• A fresh perspective on the wholesale market as an efficient, transparent, and profit-generating business for your dealership
• And much more

This revelatory new book captures and conveys the business-building opportunity dealers have overlooked for far too long. Pollak’s industry expertise and insight assure that Whole Truth will help you understand and unlock the profit-making potential that awaits your vehicles in the wholesale market.


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