Chatting With Dr Leonard Richardson



Dr. Richardson will take you down Memory Lane and challenge you to dates, places, and people past and present of the Virgin Islands.* Note: Quelbe ("kwell bay") music is the official music of the Virgin Islands and Stanley (on flute) and his band, The Ten Sleepless Knights (TSK), are the Kings of Quelbe. Also called "scratch" or "fungi", quelbe is a form of a folk story. * Stanley and TSK have become the band of choice for most quadrille dances, senior citizens social functions, educational, civic, community, and tourism cultural presentations.along with regular social functions, such as parties, dances, concerts, fund-raising affairs, and the annual carnivals and festivals. * Contact: Stanley Jacobs, PO Box 411, Christiansted, St. Croix, VI 00821 * Telephone: 340-718-2378. Be sure to view Stanley and TSK on YouTube.