Iraki Nutrition AS is a Norwegian company that provides training, nutrition, education and consultation-related services to businesses and athletes.This channels main goal is to provide evidence based and solid content related to exercise and nutrition and will feature podcasts with some of the leading experts from all around the world in their respected fields.


  • Episode 53: Broderick Chavez-Nutrition for Muscle Hypertrophy

    Episode 53: Broderick Chavez-Nutrition for Muscle Hypertrophy

    09/02/2018 Duración: 59min

    Broderick began training on Christmas Day 1981 (10 years old), and was 100 % committed to the lifelong pursuit of human performance from that moment forward! Every action and decision (good and bad) in his life has been made with that predication first. Over the last 30 years, He has competed on the national level as a Bodybuilder and Strongman and on the national and international level as a powerlifter. He completed a Bachelors degree in Biology with a minor in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Arizona in 1994 and have spent 1000's of hours involved in sports lab studies and research projects relating to human performance and athletic sciences! On a coaching / consulting level he have assisted 100's of athletes from the recreational to Olympic medalists. TeamEvilGSP has helped to produce more than a few IFBB Pro Bodybuilders and world-class powerlifters. In this podcast, Broderick and I discussed nutrition to optimize muscle hypertrophy. Some of the things we dis

  • Episode 52: Dean Somerset- Mobility

    Episode 52: Dean Somerset- Mobility

    04/12/2017 Duración: 35min

    Dean Somerset is an Exercise Physiologist who specializes in injury post-rehabilitation, and has worked with professional and Olympic athletes, post-surgical recovery, congenital disorders, and cardiac recovery patients, as well as those looking to just move and feel better for day to day activities. He’s developed a reputation as a leading authority on training, mobility, and strength training. In this podcast, Dean and I discussed mobility. Some of the things we discuss are: 1.What is mobility training? 2.What are the most common injuries you see with clients? 3.What are your favourite mobility exercises/drills and why? 4.What work and what doesn’t work to improve active range of motion? 5.Do you feel that people are doing too much mobility work these days? 6. Some clients might feel that mobility work is daunting, how do you get your clients to actually do their mobility work? 7. Can nutrition and supplements affect mobility? 8. What is your take home message? Make sure to check out this limited

  • Episode 51: Sohee Lee-Eating Behavior

    Episode 51: Sohee Lee-Eating Behavior

    01/11/2017 Duración: 52min

    Sohee Lee received her bachelor's degree in Human Biology from Stanford University and is a NSCA-CSCS as well as a CISSN. Since 2012, she's been working as a physique transformation coach for women with an emphasis on evidence-based methods for lasting behavior change and sustainable results. Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree in psychology at Arizona State University. Her main interest is in understanding the psychology of eating behavior. Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website: My book: Eat Lift Thrive In this podcast Sohee and I discuss eating behaviors. Some of the things we discuss are: 1.What are the biggest mistake you see people make when trying to lose weight? 2.Why do you think people are more drawn to having a rigid approach to lose weight compared to following a more moderate approach? 3.For many, the problem is not losing the weight, but keeping it off. What strategies seems to work for long term fat

  • Episode 50-Dan John- Goal Setting

    Episode 50-Dan John- Goal Setting

    18/10/2017 Duración: 49min

    Dan John has spent his life with one foot in the world of lifting and throwing, and the other foot in academia. An All-American discus thrower, Dan has also competed at the highest levels of Olympic lifting, Highland Games, and the Weight Pentathlon, an event in which he holds the American record. Dan spends his work life blending weekly workshops and lectures with full-time writing, and is also an online religious studies instructor for Columbia College of Missouri. As a Fulbright scholar, he toured the Middle East exploring the foundations of religious education systems. Dan is also a senior lecturer for St. Mary’s University, Twickenham, London. His books on weightlifting include "Intervention," "Never Let Go," "Mass Made Simple," and "Easy Strength," written with Pavel Tsatsouline as well as "From Dad, To Grad." He and Josh Hillis co-authored "Fat Loss Happens on Monday." In 2015, Dan wrote "Can You Go?" on his approach to assessments and basic training. In addition, "Before We Go," another compilation

  • Episode 49: Israel Halperin- The Science Of Coaching

    Episode 49: Israel Halperin- The Science Of Coaching

    16/08/2017 Duración: 41min

    Israel Halperin is at the final stages of his PhD conducted through Edith-Cowan University in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). His thesis deals with the effects coaching feedback have on performance of resistance trained subjects and combat athletes. Israel spent the past 3 years working with the four Olympic Combat sports in the AIS Combat Centre as a sport scientist. Throughout the years he trained dozens of world class athletes for competition as an S&C and a Muay Thai coach. Israel has international competition experience in Muay Thai. He spent 2 years in the U.S and a year in Thailand for training and competition purposes, and holds two black belts. In this podcast, Israel and I discuss the following: Question 1: What is attentional focusing instructions and what effect does it have on performance? Question 2: Can you explain which effect choices have on motor skill learning and performance? Question 3: You have also done studies on knowledge of exercise endpoint during repea

  • Episode 48: Eric And Chris Martinez- The New Era Of Fitness

    Episode 48: Eric And Chris Martinez- The New Era Of Fitness

    08/06/2017 Duración: 40min

    CHRIS and ERIC MARTINEZ, CISSN, CSCS, CPT, BA, are #1 Best Selling Authors and the founders of Dynamic Duo Training. The twin brothers, known as the “Dynamic Duo," have quickly become the leading authorities on health, training, nutrition, and lifestyle in the fitness industry. They provide world class trainings and services with safe, ethical, scientific, and healthy approaches. With a heap of success stories from clients, Chris and Eric have shown time and time again that they know exactly how to get you results. Their online trainings are some of the most talked about in the industry because they get results where other haven’t. For more information on the Dynamic Duo’s online trainings and to join the DDT community visit In this podcast, we discussed The New Era of Fitness. Some of the things we talk about are: 1.What do you feel are some of the big issues in today’s fitness industry? 2.Over the last decade, what do you feel has changed for the better in the industry? 3

  • Episode 47: Greg Nuckols- Genetics

    Episode 47: Greg Nuckols- Genetics

    25/05/2017 Duración: 53min

    Greg Nuckols has over a decade of experience under the bar, and a BS in Exercise and Sports Science. He’s held 3 all-time world records in powerlifting in the 220 and 242 classes.   He’s trained hundreds of athletes and regular folks, both online and in-person. He’s written for many of the major magazines and websites in the fitness industry, including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness,, T-Nation, and Furthermore, he’s had the opportunity to work with and learn from numerous record holders, champion athletes, and collegiate and professional strength and conditioning coaches through his previous job as Chief Content Director for Juggernaut Training Systems and current full-time work for Stronger By Science. Recently, Greg launched MASS with Dr.Mike Zourdos and Eric Helms which is monthly research review spesifically aimed at strength and physique sports.   His passions are making complex information easily understandable

  • Episode 46: Dr.Krissy Kendall- Citrulline Malate

    Episode 46: Dr.Krissy Kendall- Citrulline Malate

    12/05/2017 Duración: 43min

    Krissy Kendall, Ph.D. is the Science editor at Before that, she worked 2½ years as an assistant professor in the School of Health and Kinesiology at Georgia Southern University and served as the director of the Human Performance Laboratory at GSU, where her research interests focused on the effects of training and nutritional interventions on body composition and performance. Dr. Kendall has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, and abstracts on sports nutrition, supplementation, and training adaptations. Dr. Kendall received her master's and Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma, studying exercise physiology. She holds certifications through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS*D), International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN), and American College of Sports Medicine (HFS). In this podcast Dr.Kendall and I discussed citrulline malate. Some of the things we talk about are: 1.What is citrulline-malate?

  • Episode 45: Prof.Darryn Willoughby- Fasted Cardio

    Episode 45: Prof.Darryn Willoughby- Fasted Cardio

    07/04/2017 Duración: 52min

    Darryn S. Willoughby is a Professor of health, human performance and recreation and directs Baylor University's Exercise and Biochemical Nutrition Laboratory. He studies molecular physiology and biochemistry of exercise and nutrition, cellular and molecular physiology of muscle, exercises and sport nutrition, neuromuscular exercise physiology and strength training and sport conditioning. After receiving his bachelor's degree in health and fitness from Tarleton State University in 1986, he earned his master of education degree there in 1989. He earned his doctoral degree in neuromuscular exercise physiology and biochemistry from Texas A&M University in 1993. Prof. Willoughby specifically researches the effects of training and nutritional intervention on the physiological, biochemical and molecular mechanisms regulating skeletal muscle strength, hypertrophy and atrophy in athletes. He has published articles on his findings in Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Ex

  • Episode 44: Menno Henselmans- Metabolic Damage

    Episode 44: Menno Henselmans- Metabolic Damage

    03/03/2017 Duración: 45min

    Menno Henselmans is an Online physique coach, fitness model and scientific author. He is also the director of Bayesian Bodybuilding. Once a former business consultant specialized in advanced statistical data analysis, He traded his company car to do what he is truly passionate about: help serious trainees attain their ideal physique. His background in science and statistics helped him to develop Bayesian Bodybuilding. Interested in learning Menno's full Bayesian Bodybuilding method? Have a look at this PT Course Certification Program.  In this podcast, Menno and I discussed metabolic damage. Some of the things we discuss are: 1.During caloric restriction, some adaptations may occur. Could you explain what these adaptations are? 2.In recent years, the term “metabolic damage” has gotten a lot of attention in the fitness industry. Could you explain what the hypothesis is? 3.You recently did a review on this topic. Could you tell us what your findings where? 4.A practise

  • Episode 43: Prof.Stuart Phillips- Sarcopenia

    Episode 43: Prof.Stuart Phillips- Sarcopenia

    03/02/2017 Duración: 35min

    Professor Phillips is a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Skeletal Muscle Health. In addition to being a full Professor in Kinesiology, also an Adjunct Professor in the School of Medicine at McMaster University. He is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American College of Nutrition (ACN). His research is focused on the impact of nutrition and exercise on human skeletal muscle protein turnover. He is also keenly interested in diet- and exercise-induced changes in body composition. His research is funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, the National Science and Engineering Council of Canada, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation as well as the USDA. He has received more than $2.4 million in research funding in the last 3 years. Dr. Phillips was the recipient of a New Investigator Award from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and the Ontario Premier's Research Excellence Award and in 2003 received the Canadi

  • Episode 42: Brad Dieter- Ketogenic Diets

    Episode 42: Brad Dieter- Ketogenic Diets

    16/01/2017 Duración: 47min

    Brad is a PhD trained exercise physiologist who specializes in molecular mechanisms of disease and how diet and exercise effect those mechanisms. He also works as a nutrition coach and educator. He runs Science Driven Nutrition which strives to bring the science of nutrition to the public in a consumable format. In this podcast, Brad and I discussed ketogenic diets. Some of the things we discuss are: 1.Can you describe what the ketogenic diet is? 2.Why do you think ketogenic diets have gotten so much attention? 3.Does ketogenic diets have any benefits on body composition? 4.Does ketogenic diets have any benefits on performance? 5.In what situations, might ketogenic diets be useful?

  • Episode 41: Kamal Patel- Vitamin D

    Episode 41: Kamal Patel- Vitamin D

    06/01/2017 Duración: 01h01min

    Kamal Patel is a nutrition researcher with an MPH and MBA from Johns Hopkins University, and is on hiatus from a PhD in nutrition in which he researched the link between diet and chronic pain. He has published peer-reviewed articles on vitamin D and calcium as well as a variety of clinical research topics. Kamal has also been involved in research on fructose and liver health, mindfulness meditation, and nutrition in low income areas. He is currently the Director of Examine which is an independent and unbiased encyclopedia on supplementation and nutrition. In this podcast, Kamal and I discussed vitamin D. Some of the topics we go over are: What is Vitamin D and its functions in the body? What are different sources of vitamin D? What are symptoms of vitamin D deficiency? What are optimal levels of vitamin D and potential health benefits? Can correcting vitamin D deficiency have any effect on body composition, hormone levels or performance? Does too much vitamin D have any negative effects? What are your

  • Episode 40: Danny Lennon- Nutrition For Combat Sports

    Episode 40: Danny Lennon- Nutrition For Combat Sports

    10/11/2016 Duración: 40min

    Danny Lennon is the founder of Sigma Nutrition & Performance, a company that provides evidence-based information and advice through media content and an online coaching service. Danny hosts the top-ranked podcast Sigma Nutrition Radio. Danny has a formal scientific background in academia, completing a master’s degree (MSc.) in Nutritional Sciences at University College Cork. During this time Danny researched directly under the world-renowned researcher Professor Kevin Cashman. In addition to that research, Danny took classes in biochemistry, clinical nutrition, micronutrient interactions and physiology. Previous to this Danny also completed a BSc. Degree in biology and physics education and spent a year teaching these subjects. As well as producing media content, Danny also works as a performance nutritionist to professional MMA fighters, professional boxers and competitive powerlifters. He has consulted several teams in a number of sports. Outside of the nutrition world, Danny is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue

  • Episode 39: Jorn Trommelen- Protein Distribution

    Episode 39: Jorn Trommelen- Protein Distribution

    03/11/2016 Duración: 42min

    Jorn earned his MSc in Nutrition and Health with top honors at Wageningen University & Research Centre. He is now pursuing a PhD in Muscle Metabolism at Maastricht University, at one of the leading laboratories in that field.  His research focusses on protein ingestion to optimize post-exercise muscle protein synthesis. In addition, he investigates carbohydrate metabolism during and after exercise. He also runs the website: Jorn won several awards for his research including: A Young Investigator Award at the European College of Sport Science Congress in 2015  The GSSI Sport Nutrition Award at the American College of Sports Medicine in 2016 The Gail E. Butterfield Nutrition Travel Award at the American College of Sports Medicine in 2016 A GSSI Nutrition Award at the European College of Sport Science Congress in 2016  In this podcast, Jorn and I discussed protein distribution and timing. Some of the topics we cover are: 1.What dose of protein per meal seems to maximise M

  • Episode 38: Dr.Michael Israetel- Maximum Recoverable Volume

    Episode 38: Dr.Michael Israetel- Maximum Recoverable Volume

    19/10/2016 Duración: 41min

    Dr.Michael Israetel is a professor of Exercise Science at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and was previously a professor at the University of Central Missouri, where he taught Exercise Physiology, Personal Training, and Advanced Programming for sports and fitness. Mike’s PhD is in Sport Physiology, and he has been a consultant on sports nutrition to the U.S. Olympic Training Site in Johnson City, TN. Mike has coached numerous powerlifters, weightlifters, bodybuilders, and other individuals in both diet and weight training. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Mike is a competitive powerlifter, bodybuilder, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappler. He used to hold a bunch of state, national, and world records in raw powerlifting back when everyone was in equipment, so that’s cool! Dr.Michael Israetel is also part of Team Juggernaut which is a group of athletes and coaches dedicated to leading from the front and providing people with the highest quality information from true experts to help them achieve their goals.

  • Episode 37: James Krieger- Anthropometry

    Episode 37: James Krieger- Anthropometry

    11/10/2016 Duración: 25min

    James Krieger is the founder of Weightology, LLC. He has a Master's degree in Nutrition from the University of Florida and a second Master's degree in Exercise Science from Washington State University. He is the former research director for a corporate weight management program that treated over 400 people per year, with an average weight loss of 40 pounds in 3 months. His former weight loss clients include the founder of Sylvan Learning Centers and The Little Gym, the vice president of Costco, and a former vice president of MSN. He has given over 75 lectures on weight loss-related topics to physicians, dietitians, and other professionals. In this podcast, James and I discuss anthropometry. Some of the things we discuss are:  1. What is anthropometry and what are the most common methods to use in regards to body composition? 2. People often talk about these being measurements, but are they really measurements? 3. What seems to be the most reliable methods for predicting body fat? 4. Skinfolds measurement

  • Episode 36: Joseph Agu-Carbohydrate Periodization

    Episode 36: Joseph Agu-Carbohydrate Periodization

    04/10/2016 Duración: 51min

    Joseph is a Nutrition Consultant specialising in nutrition for high performance, physique athletes and people wanting to feel more confident about their bodies. Joe's appreciation for proper nutrition began from an early age when he was a national-level kickboxer (and desired to be as lean as Bruce Lee!). As such, a career in nutrition was the obvious career path. He has been helping people achieve their goals for almost a decade now, having built a solid foundation with his undergraduate degree in Sport & Exercise Sciences and masters degree (distinction) in Sports Nutrition. As a former Performance Nutritionist for the English Institute of Sport (EIS) and British Athletics, Joseph provided world-leading nutritional support to Britain’s best track and field athletes, leading to many medal wins in international competitions. Joseph's passion for truth and objectivity have formed the basis of his obsession to help as many people as possible to achieve their nutritional

  • Episode 35: Lyle McDonald- Fat Loss

    Episode 35: Lyle McDonald- Fat Loss

    15/09/2016 Duración: 01h21min

    Lyle McDonald has been interested in all aspects of human performance physiology since becoming involved in competitive sports as a teenager. Pursuing a degree in Physiological Sciences from UCLA, he has spent almost 20 years of his life studying human physiology and the science, art and practice of human performance, muscle gain, fat loss and body recomposition. Over the years, in addition to working with the general public, Lyle has worked primarily with endurance athletes, a few powerlifters, and some bodybuilders. Through his books, articles and his forum, he has helped thousands lose fat, gain muscle and get stronger or perform better. Lyle is also author of several in depth books that I highly recommend, especially "A guide to flexible dieting" which is one of the best books I have ever read. He also have a website where he reguarly posts articles about fat loss, muscle gain, nutrition, training and research reviews. In this podcast, Lyle and I discussed fat loss . T

  • Episode 34: Dr. Jose Antonio- Research

    Episode 34: Dr. Jose Antonio- Research

    05/09/2016 Duración: 38min

    Jose Antonio, Ph.D. FISSN FNSCA CSCS  is the CEO and co-founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. He gives an occasional talk, writes a bit, and can read your mind (but only after consuming copious quantities of coffee).  Dr. Antonio is an Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sports Science at Nova Southeastern University in beautiful South Florida and an avid paddler.     If you want more sciency stuff, he's written over a dozen books , write funny stuff on nutrition and exercise on the issnscoop , give seminars out the wazoo all over North America and sometimes abroad, and have published a boatload of peer-reviewed scientific publications. In this podcast, Jose and I discussed research. Some of the topics we discuss are: 1. What exactly is a 'scientist? 2. What does the 'research process' involve? 3. Peer review and 'post peer review via social media.'  What's the difference? 4. The Hierarchy of Evidence - are reviews and meta-analyses the best arbiter of science?

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