Hitchhiking to the sea

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Fascinating story in English about traveling in Europe. This story is NOT for native English speakers. It is also NOT for beginners. This original story is for intermediate students of English. Hero of this story is Victor, young man, who wants to go to the sea without money and one day he starts his journey. He doesn’t know where he would sleep but he wants to experience freedom and adventure. He meets new people and places.

This audiobook is only in English and has 3 parts. In the first 30 minutes you can hear the story in slower speed. Then you can hear 300 questions and answers about the story (15 min.) and in the end you can hear the story again in faster speed.

Listening this way, you can increase your understanding in English. You can review many words which you already know and you can also learn some new words.

Experience Victor’s adventures and listen to this audiobook.


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