Hamilton & Burr

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Anything can happen the night before a duel. Find out what Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr discussed before the famous shot was fired. Is Hamilton really the hero as portrayed? Did Burr have legitimate reasons for his actions? And who was the mystery woman whom Burr charged Hamilton with "immoral behaviour for a public figure"?

Starring: David Warner as Alexander Hamilton, Norman Lloyd as Aaron Burr, Jo De Winter as Betsy Hamilton, William Windom as John Baker Church and Pickering, Bairbre Dowling as Maria Reynolds and Theodosa, Richard Erdman as Alexander McDougall and James Monroe, Marty Maguire as James Reynolds and Hamilton's Second, Elliott Reid as Molenburg and Joseph Nicholson, Ashby Adams as Philip Hamilton and Burr's Second, and CART's Announcer John Harlan.

Produced, directed, and adapted by Peggy Webber.