Oscar in Limbo Wilde

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The life story of Victorian England's favorite Irish writer: Oscar Wilde. What begins as a charming and witty cross-continental romp becomes a terrible ordeal in the British court, as "the love that dare not speak its name" destroys the writer's reputation. Wilde was incarcerated in Reading Gaol, and experience which begat one of his most beautiful and moving pieces. But upon his release, he was trapped in a state of limbo, living neither in heaven nor hell, though he madly desired both.

Starring: David Warner, Samantha Eggar, William Windom, Dan O'Herlihy, Jeanette Nolan, Ian Abercrombe, Sean McClory, Linda Henning, James Lancaster, Baibre Dowling, Shay Duffin, Elliott Reid, Elizabeth Dennehy, and John Harlan.

Written and directed by Richard Erdman, produced by Peggy Webber.