MacCallister: The Eagles Legacy - The Killing Duff MacCallister Western Series, Book 2

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From best-selling authors William W. Johnstone and J. A. Johnstone comes the blazing saga of Duff MacCallister, heir to a legacy of courage.

Duff MacCallister fled the Scottish Highlands for a new world in Wyoming Territory. Betrothed to a good woman, Duff has the bad luck to be standing in the Chugwater Bank when a violent robbery explodes around him. With one man dead by Duff's gun, and another under arrest, a team of bandits swarms outside of town. As witnesses, Duff, a banker, and a beautiful barmaid are whisked into the town's hotel for safe-keeping as the outlaws threaten the defenseless town with a bloodbath if their fellow bandit isn't set free.

Except no MacCallister has ever run from trouble. With a scoped Creedmoor rifle he goes after the Taylor gang, one bad guy at a time... But Duff doesn't know that fate — and a little twist of frontier justice — will give the Taylor Gang one last chance for a shocking, treacherous act of revenge....


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