Citadel of Chaos, The: The Terror of the Ganjees Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas Book 3

When Vale Moonwing is summoned to the Black Tower, she must prepare herself for a confrontation with the dread warlord Balthus Dire.

Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The: The Hero’s Quest Fighting Fantasy Audio Drama Book 1

Join elven hero Vale Moonwing and adventurer Cassius Stormblade on their quest through the depths of Firetop Mountain.Can they survive the deadly traps and evade Zagor's army of...

Creature of Havoc: The Monster of Dree Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas Book 5

Using forbidden Marrangha magic and the three stolen vapours, the evil sorcerer Zharradan Marr has created a creature….but for what purpose?!

Deathtrap Dungeon: The Last Champion Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas Book 4

Adventurers are once again gathering in Fang to participate in Baron Sukumvit’s ‘Trial of Champions’ and undertake ‘The Walk’ through Deathtrap Dungeon…but this year...

Forest of Doom, The: Lost In Darkwood Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas Book 2

When Vale Moonwing returns to Darkwood Forest, he discovers that her old friend, the wizard Yaztromo, has vanished….himself?