Colección E. A. Poe

Includes "The Purloined Letter," "A Descent into the Maelstrom" and "The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether"

Mujeres, memorias, malogros (Women, Memories, Failures

Three stages of a life of dreams and disappointments, connections and separations in an existential world. Argentine-born Glickman lives in New York.

Cuentos insólitos (Strange Stories)

Praised for its imagination, this collection delights with unexpected endings.

El Siglo de Oro: La poesía (Poetry)

Includes critical essays and biographical data within a historical context.

El Siglo de Oro: La mística (Mysticism)

La Mistica is a collection of the life and works of a sampling of "Mystical" writers from Spain's literary Golden Age. This audiobook includes biographies and selections of Fray...

Nuestros hijos (Our Children)

How to improve relations between parents and children: respect, discipline, substance abuse, nutrition, schoolwork, quality time together.

Héroes de la Biblia (Bible Heroes)

The stories of Noah, Joseph, Moses, David, Jonah and Ester. Music, sound effects.

Pasión sin fronteras (Boundless Passion)

An action-packed romance with characters of Hispanic background in New York's world of fashion.

Cuentos rusos (Russian Stories)

Chekhov ("Excessive Caution" and "Beggar), and Turguenev (The Rural Doctor) are among the most famous Russian writrs. Three stories: the first one wil make you laugh; the second,...

Sabor latino (Latin Flavor)

Recipes from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico

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