Gregory Schmidt

Internal Medicine / Healthcare Systems / Design / EHR / Technology

Schmidt Delivered

Best-selling author Louis Begley created a beguiling icon of middle age in About Schmidt. Recently widowed, pushed into retirement by his law firm, at odds with his family, Albert...

Olivia Schmidt

Welcome to Olivia Schmidt, where amazing things happen.


I say it like I see it. I have no filter, at least not on this show.If you like to listen to someone talk frankly about the world and life. Give me a try.Thanks, Deborah

Deborah Beatty

DeBorah Beatty is the "Oughta-Pilot(tm) Disconnector". Through interviews with guests from all walks of life, she will help you discover what you were born to do instead of what...

Ccne Dallas

Pastor Gomez of CCNE Dallas

Talking "talking Schmidt"

Investigating the truth behind the podcast "Talking Schmidt." Who is the man behind it? What clues has he left behind? How did this man, a basketball coach, a 12-term congressman...

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