Electric Effect With Erin D*j*e

Featuring the best unsigned and independent bands in Los Angeles.

The Horror-Horn

Edward Frederic Benson (1867 - 1940) was an English novelist, biographer, memoirist, archaeologist, and short story writer, best known as the true master of the gothic occult...

The Devil's Horn

Inside South Africa's Kruger National Park, ranger Promise discovers the remains of a crashed military drone-and a live missile. Immediately, Promise calls her uncle, Juma, a...

Strike The Match With J. D. Payne

Missiologically Thinking: Equipping the Church for the Multiplication of Disciples, Leaders, and Churches

On The Horn

Brian Parker and friends

D&d In Big D

A group of random folks breathe life back into old edition D&D modules by playing through them with a 5th edition update. Warning: we might fall off the shallow end!We will also...

Museful J-j

This podcast will cover a diverse range of topics from self-improvement, teamwork, business, principles of morality. Even some controversial issues. Will seek to cover these areas...


I do things like record myself and my friends playing D&D and then call it a podcast. Yay!

D&d 101

D&D 101 is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e actual play podcast in which the DM, Blue, flexes her skills by hosting a game for 4 newbie D&D players. None of these nerds have ever rolled...

Narrative D&d

A D&D playthrough audio of the Curse of Strahd campaign. No numbers or rolls here! Just quality story and role-playing.

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