5 Minute Short Stories for Children

A selection of stories to entertain 5 Minute Short Stories for Children by Beatrix Potter

Sleeping Beauty and Other Tales

Sleeping Beauty and Other Tales by Beatrix Potter, Charles Perrault, Joseph Jacobs, and Rudyard Kipling

The Ultimate Sherlock Holmes Collection

An entertaining selection of Sherlock Holmes short stories narrated by renowned actors including Sir John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson.

Dracula Radio Drama

A modern dramatisation of Dracula performed by a full cast 'in the dark'.

A Collection of Short Stories

An entertaining selection of short stories including 'A Christmas Tree' by Charles Dickens and 'After the race' by James Joyce.

Poetry of the British Isles

A delightful selection of poetry from around the British Isles including 'Dover Beach' by Matthew Arnold, 'Leisure' by W. H. Auden and 'To Autumn' by John Keats. Including...

The Poetry of Wales

A comprehensive collection of poetry celebrating Wales including contributions by W. H. David, Edward Thomas and Aneurin.

Short Stories by Anton Chekhov

Three short stories by the masterful Chekhov, a pioneer of stream-of-consciousness writing. A vintage recording by renowned actor Michael Redgrave.

Erotic Dreams

A collection of classic literature that feature erotic dreams including 'The Evee of St Agnes' by Keats and 'The Dream' by Donne.

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