The Look

Can she be a supermodel and a super-sister? She finds her answer in just one look.Two sisters, both beautiful in different ways: Fifteen-year-old Ted has got "The Look." That's...

A Horse

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Please enjoy our second poem out of the series Farm Animals.A special effect music-production by

World Wide Corona Coronavirus poems

This is a poem about the coronavirus. This fact is surely not letting anyone's feelings untouched. People yes, we are worried but they already found something like a vaccine. A...

The Vanishing

‘Tobin, an antiques specialist-turned-novelist, has created a vivid sense of the period she is writing about, which stays with the reader long after the final...

Set Free and Delivered Strategies and Prayers to Maintain Freedom

Many Christians who have experienced a level of deliverance fall back into the same cycles they were delivered from, causing them to wonder if they were really set free in the...

A Dangerous Beauty

Love, n. A temporary insanity curable by marriage or by the removal of the patient from the influences under which he incurred the disorder. —The Devil's Dictionary, Ambrose...

Scars of Betrayal

Cassandra Northrup had believed Nathaniel dead… until now. Relief at the sight of Nathaniel turns to darkest shame as Cassie sees the hate in his eyes. Years have passed, and... Sophia (audio)

Knowledge, Reality, Truth, Morality … Daniel Kaufman, Massimo Pigliucci, and their guests explore the rich universe of philosophical investigation and inquiry.

The Cow

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Please enjoy our first poem out of the series Farm Animals.A special sound-production by

#Wuhan2 Empowering poems and pros-a about feelings and such..

The book is the second part of #Wuhan. It is called #Wuhan2 and it deals with feelings the pandemic might invoke. Most certainly are all of us scared from an epidemy. Find some...

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