Phd Trekkers

EP15: Raising a Family & Getting Tenure with Prof. Ryan Shenvi



Want to know what it's like to raise a family while trying to get tenure? Tune in this episode of PhD Trekkers where Yan interviews Prof. Ryan Shenvi in the Chemistry Department at the Scripps Research Institute. Ryan talks about his life and career while raising four children with his wife who's equally busy being a doctor in the midst of her residency. Ryan also discusses his career trajectory and how he discovered the unique similarities between science, chemistry, art, architecture, and creativity. Furthermore, Ryan talks about his experiences on getting tenure after his first paper and funding grant was rejected. Other topics include Ryan's teaching style and philosophy, research funding and collaborations, future of science/chemistry and AI, how to deal with failures and setbacks in research and academia, and his advice for younger scientists! For more information on Prof. Shenvi's work: For a lecture from Prof. Shenvi on science and creativity: