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Interview: Jack shares openly about having testicular cancer



When he was 21, Jack was diagnosed with testicular cancer. An active, healthy young lad, Jack's world was torn apart. Now on a mission to spread the message that all guys should regularly check their 'balls', he talks openly about his struggles, how he came to tell his mother and why we need to break down the stigmas associated with our bits. Visit the charity: Mylo Kaye interviews inspiring individuals with stories that put life into perspective. We all have our struggles, and I aim to give a raw account of the inspiring people I meet in a un-edited, honest and pretty hard-hitting podcast. I try to keep this podcast as real as possible, with little or no editing, while I try my best to keep it real, please excuse any small hiccups. If you're interested in becoming part of the podcast to share your story, and we all have our own story that means something to us, I would encourage you to get in touch.