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Interview: Libby talks mental health at work and teaching



I talk to Dr Libby Artingstall - Co-Founder & Director, Team Mental Health. We talk about why children should be taught how to look after their brains, and how you can support your colleagues with mental health at work. Get tips and advice on how to look after your employees and have a happier workplace. Libby is someone I admire greatly for the work she and her team are doing and I would love to see more of this work in our schools and workplaces. **About Team Mental Health** Team Mental Health was founded by three professionals who have worked as a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist, consultant forensic psychiatrist and an experienced headteacher who is the chief executive officer of a multi-academy trust. As friends with significant collective experience of working with children, young people and adults experiencing mental health problems, we became acutely aware of the limitations in support for mental health and wellbeing.