Breakthrough With A.j. Barrera

EP29: "Psychic Tools" (Part II) Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards & Angel Card Decks - with Guest Soul Psychic Evelyn Hermida-Artavia



Professional Soul Psychic & Angelic Intelligence Practitioner Evelyn Hermida-Artavia believes that everyone has the ability to read oracle tarot cards. In the days of Sylvia Browne and John Edward, A.J.' Barrera's curiosity led him to discovering of a deck of cards in junior high school infamously known as "The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck." Little did he know his innate intuitive ability to interpret and understand the meanings of each archetype, would lead him to becoming a professional Psychic & Medium today. Specific decks of "The Tarot" reveal a unique interpretation and meaning to each of us, individually. Tune in, to learn how Oracle cards and Tarot cards can be used to receive messages from your guides, angels, the Universe, Source, God, etc., to create empowering connections in your own awareness and how their meanings relate to everything around you. Caller Elsie, wants to know how loved ones reincarnate and unite in the afterlife. Producer Wade gets his first official tarot card reading. "ARE YOU