Breakthrough With A.j. Barrera

EP28: "Psychic Tools" (Part I): Water Scrying, Tea Leaf Readings & Energy Crystals - with Guest Soul Psychic Evelyn Hermida-Artavia



Angelic Intelligence Practitioner Evelyn Hermida-Artavia, says her great-grandmother noticed something special about her on the day she was born. Raised in the church as a devout Catholic, she too, experienced an epiphany of her own child that ultimately opened her eyes to a new perspective and onto an alternative life path of angelic empowerment. Tune in, to hear more about her spiritual journey & discovery of her ability to interpret messages and read soul energy using the techniques of water scrying, energy crystal, gemstones and oracle cards. Caller Pedro, is curious about counselors and mentors for children to help develop their intuitive abilities. "ARE YOU READY FOR A BREAKTHROUGH?" Psychic Medium Intuitive Counselor A.J. Barrera KEYWORDS: Reiki, Angel Work, Psychic Development Workshops, Intuitive Children, Chakras, Energy Centers, Author James Van Praagh "Looking Beyond A Teens Guide to the Spiritual World" LINKS: Email: Evelyn PH#: (951) 830-5978 (Text Messages