Breakthrough With A.j. Barrera

EP24: "The Closet Medium" - From Medical School to Mediumship with Guest Medium Fleur



Did you, or anyone you know, claim to have had an imaginary friend growing up? If so, it's likely to be defined as "just having an animated or creative mind." But, is it an imagination, or could it be validation from spirits in the afterlife? When spirit connects, sometimes you have no other choice than to answer the call. And, at just four years old, Medium Fleur, vividly recalls seeing auras around people, and visitations of spirit people in her bedroom. Tune in to hear more about the moment her parents realized she had access to unknown information of deceased family members that no one ever spoke of, and how her enrollment in medical school ultimately lead to the calling of her newfound path of mediumship. Caller Denise gets connected with someone who's recently passed over. Caller Yolanda, receives closure and apologies after the tragic death of her boyfriend. "ARE YOU READY FOR A BREAKTHROUGH?" www.Periscope.TV/AJBar