Breakthrough With A.j. Barrera

EP23: "Ghost Stalkers" with Chad Lindberg



"Ghost Stalkers" with Chad Lindberg Actor & Paranormal Enthusiast, Chad Lindberg share his background of being and actor, how he fell into the paranormal field and his personal encounters he experienced with spirits & earthbounds. Chad has appeared on "Ghost Adventures" on The Travel Channel numerous times, investigating several haunted locations with the Ghost Adventure Crew. Chad's newest journey and television show, "Ghost Stalkers" has aired on Destination America, which is produced by Nick Groff. Reruns can still be seen on Destination America Channel. Listen Chad and A.J.'s personal & chilling encounter at the infamous Linda Vista Hospital in Boyle Heights, CA. You can follow Chad Lindberg on Twitter and Periscope: ARE YOU READY FOR A BREAKTHROUGH?