Breakthrough With A.j. Barrera

EP22: The New Generation of Mediums (part 2) - with Guest Monica Ten-Kate (ABC Family's Monica the Medium)



Monica Ten-Kate, the star of ABC's Family "Monica The Medium" is back in studio with us to dish about her season finale! Monica shares her difficulties trying to date, funny experiences while meeting people, and pros and cons working with spirit. Monica talks about her favorite episodes, while filming her show, such as when she visits the lake, her dad visiting and "channeling oysters," as well giving advice for parent with kids with psychic mediumship abilities. Monica also takes a call from Kelly on how to strength your ability. Tune into the season finale of "Monica The Medium" on ABC Family Tuesday, October 27th at 8PM (PT). For more information on Monica Ten-Kate visit: "ARE YOU READY FOR A BREAKTHROUGH?"