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Blanche Mary Joseph Sasso, Virgin Islands Role Model, Lived to Be 105



Born Sept. 15, 1899 in her Bunker Hill home on St. Thomas in the then Danish West Indies, Mrs. Blanche Mary Joseph Sasso, is the youngest of 5 children, & was known affectionately as Mamma Sasso, Auntie Blanche, Granny Sasso, & The Grand Lady. The Grand Lady & her sister played an important role in Virgin Islands history in 1921 when they embroidered the territory's first flag. Mrs. Sasso went on to educate generations of young Virgin Islanders. Since she was a child, Mrs. Sasso can remember her birthday brought rain. Tropical Storm, Jeanne, brought heavy downpours & gusty winds. "That's another melee," Mrs. Sasso stated. "From the time I was about 10 years up to now, there's never been a birthday without rain." Mrs. Sasso graduated Convent School on St. Thomas, where her musical talents were encouraged. She soon took up playing the cello & the piano. In fact, family members recall that her love for music continued to her final days. Eventually teaching on both St. Thomas & St. Cro