Chatting With Dr Leonard Richardson

A Collage of Current Events Becoming History in the Making



The Virgin Islands Carnival Committee announces 2017 Virgin Islands Carnival theme: “A Centennial Commemoration for our 65th Carnival Celebration” as submitted by Mr. Clement “Cain” Magras. History of St. Thomas Carnival: The 1st carnival was staged in 1912 during the final years of Danish occupation & lapsed during World War I. Revived in 1952; Carnival has become the 2nd largest festival in the Caribbean. A month-long series of dazzling pageants & talent shows are held to choose royalty to reign over the festival. Fun events such as a boat race, Greased Pig Contest, & Toddlers Derby entertain everyone. A series of elimination contests to crown top performers are called Calypso Tents. Calypsonians offer a satirical commentary on the state of the islands, oftentimes mocking the shenanigans of politicians. Other popular events held during Carnival is J'ouvert, a food fair presenting the islands’ best traditional eats & a competition to crown the King & Queen of the parade. The children's