Chatting With Dr Leonard Richardson

Virgin Islands Educators of Various Circumstances Helping to Raise the VI Child



Dr. Amicitia Maloon-Gibson: Dr. Cita is an executive consultant, speaker, author, certified mediator, & life coach. Describing herself as a student-for-life, Dr. Cita holds advanced degrees in Management, Leadership, Human Resources Development, & Social Psychology. A decorated veteran with 29 years of service, Dr. Cita is passionate about giving back to the community, especially in areas of youth education, the homeless, & disabled veterans.  Mrs. Turiya Hodge: Turiya is the owner of Myabah Consulting Services & founder of Social Media Saturdays, an online platform she's dedicated to helping professionals, organizations, & companies grow their business by social media strategic planning in the area of lead-generation. She understands that owning & operating a business come with many challenges but believes that social media marketing should not be one of them. Now back home. Mrs. Sara W. Connell: Sara, 2nd child of 6 born to now-deceased Arturo & Elesa Watlington, married to Olm