Chatting With Dr Leonard Richardson

Some Tidbits and Memories from a Few Locals



Our continued tour of the Main Street stores and their proprietors is pre-empted until next week. In keeping with the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming Virgin Islands Transfer Centennial celebration, we'll address several locals who intend to call-in with some tidbits and memories. Because this year, 2017, is the US Virgin Islands Centennial Year when the United States Virgin Islands will commemorate the transferring the Virgin Islands from Denmark to the United States 100 years ago (March 31, 1917 to March 31, 2017), the US Virgin Islands Centennial Year will be recognized by many as one of yearlong activities.  Also, we are the first to announce In keeping with the Transfer Day Centennial celebration, I'm proud to mention that my good friend and colleague, Dr. Denise Bennerson, has made her contribution to the yearlong Transfer Day Centennial celebration. Dr. Bennerson, a photographer and Virgin Islands conservative historian of the US Virgin Islands, has created a United States Virgin Islan