Chatting With Dr Leonard Richardson

Mr. Leonard "Brother B" Bonelli, a Contemporary We Honor and Thank



We welcome you back after our Holidays hiatus. Thank you for re-joining today, the first of our shows for 2017. With 2017 the year of the centennial of the transfer of the US Virgin Islands to the United States, we will focus our shows all year long on topics, places, and people related to Transfer Day, including the pre- and post- periods. Today we will focus on a local Virgin Islander who has contributed significantly to the Virgin Islands community, and continues to do so. I'm referring to Mr. Leonard Brother B Bonelli, a contemporary we honor and thank. As the year evolves, periodically we will be graced by our Featured Contributor, Valerie Sim, Ms Vintage Virgin Islands herself and the editor of Vintage Virgin Islands. During her visits, she will grace us with tidbits of Vintage Virgin Islands. You'll discover fascinating events that occurred in the history of the Danish West Indies, the US Virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Islands! Many of the photographs she'll share were taken between th