Chatting With Dr Leonard Richardson

Dr. Ronald Harrigan and the Development of Education in the Danish West Indies



During the past 3 weeks in the edition of "Centennial Countdown" in the Virgin Islands Daily News, Dr. Ronald Harrigan's article was published about the Virgin Islands' education foundation that was laid long before Transfer Day. It was a 3-part series on the development of a system of education for the free & enslaved population in the then-Danish West Indies, leading to a literate population by the time emancipation in 1848 & the islands' transfer of March 31, 1917. Dr. Harrigan has had a one-of-a-kind experience at UVI starting as a student, then an entry- level employee, & rising through the ranks in administration & academia. Now retired, after working at UVI for 38 years, Dr. H. has left an impact on UVI. Dr. H. joined the staff of the then-College of the Virgin Islands in 1972, after earning a Bachelor of Arts in business administration. He was designated a junior officer trainee in a program designed to train young Virgin Islanders for leadership positions at the institution. Shortly