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Humanizing Psychiatrists - Toward a Humane Psychiatry



"Humanizing Psychiatrists - Toward A Humane Psychiatry" is Dr. Niall McLaren's latest book. It is his third book and a follow up to the first two, "Humanizing Madness" and "Humanizing Psychiatry". Dr. McLaren is a psychiatrist from Australia who is on his own crusade to educate people about what he calls, "psychiatry unleashed" in reference to biopsychiatry - the Pharma-motivated pseudo-science of mental illness as a "brain disorder". Does psychiatry have a future? Dr. McLaren describes his work this way on his YouTube Channel:"I write philosophical papers on the status of psychiatry and have now published three books which summarise my work. These show that modern psychiatry does not have a rational basis and therefore fails as a science. It is the only medical specialty that doesn't have a rational model of the nature of the disorders it treats. I've also shown how a proper model of mental disorder should be assembled, starting with a partial resolution of the mind-body problem. This leads to a rational mod