Pregnant Pause Radio: Baby's First Foods with Lauren Grogan



In this episode, Dr. Kyle and the gorgeous and talented Lauren Grogan of talk babies and introducing solid foods. Lauren is a Holistic Health Coach and Registered Yoga Teacher who gets excited about anything having to do with pure, wholesome nutrition. She is passionate about achieving vibrant health and has devoted herself to sharing tips, techniques, yoga practices and recipes with you in hopes that it will help you along your wellness journey. Most importantly, Lauren is the Mom to Hanley. In her new book, lauren discusses #WhatHanleyisEating. Find more of our podcasts: My hope is to make life a little easier for other parents who are at that stage of introducing solids to their baby, or who are looking to feed their baby healthy options. Things can get really confusing, especially when parents have companies marketing them processed foods that lack nutritional value, but that are covered in health claims and all of the “vitamins and nutrients” it