The Horn Book Podcast

Hbook Podcast 2.10 - Series Wrap on Siân



It's Siân's last week at Horn Book! (tear) Roger and Siân mainly ramble in this episode. There was no plan. You can tell. :) They talk about Siân's new gig with Shelf Awareness, electronic books, the future of publishing, and they display an amazing lack of knowledge on how to protect the environment. While this *is* a wrap on Siân, it doesn't mean the podcast won't continue in some form or another--Roger is interested in keeping the cast going but he's making no promises on when the next episode will air. And from Siân: THANK YOU. Thank you all for listening and being a part of my little love project. I'm going to miss the podcast so very much and I appreciate every second of your time you've lost forever listening to me jabber. A hug to each and every one of you.