Feminist Killjoys, Phd

EP 118: Goodbye



In this episode, we say goodbye. We are ending FKJ, PHD. It's real. We take the time to end our podcast with a discussion about what we loved and didn't love about this project. Thank you for your continual dedication to this project. We will miss you. *** Original music for FKJ, PhD by Emily Jane Powers. For more information on her work, visit emilyjanepowers.com *** Now on Spotify! Subscribe on iTunes & leave a review. Follow us on the Gram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out our Feminist Killjoys, PhD Mixtape on the Fy. Have some extra dollars and want to support feminist media-makers? Consider donating to our Patreon or as a one-time thing at our website. All Patreons receive our FKJ, PHD newsletter and stickers. So become a Patreon today! *insert jingle music here* You can also email us at fkj.phd@gmail.com.