Feminist Killjoys, Phd

EP 113: The "Crazy" Women of the 90s



In this episode we talk about the "crazy women" narratives perpetuated by the news media in the 1990s (Lorena Bobbit, Marsha Clark, Tonya Harding, Monica Lewinsky, Amy Fisher, etc.). Inspired by the new Lorena documentary by Jordan Peele and accompanying press, we dig into the whitewashing of Lorena Bobbit, nostalgia of 90s culture, the narrative redemption of these women, and how post-feminism relates to all of this. *** TIMESTAMPS 00:00-07:25 Check-ins 07:26-14:21 Barbara Ehrenreich’s anti-U.S. empire tweets 14:22-42:15 Lorena Gallo (Bobbit) and the other “crazy” women covered by the 90s news 42:16-47:23 RWLs *** Original music for FKJ PhD by Emily Jane Powers. For more information on her work, visit emilyjanepowers.com *** Now on Spotify! Subscribe on iTunes & leave a review. Follow us on the Gram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out our Feminist Killjoys, PhD Mixtape on the Fy. Have some extra dollars and want to support feminist media-makers? Consider donating to our Patreon or as a one-