Feminist Killjoys, Phd

EP 110: Smart phones, mental health, & capitalism



In this episode, we discuss research by Dr. Jean Twenge that show a striking correlation between smart phone use and depression. This research focuses on Generation Z, or what Twenge calls the "iGen" generation. Of course, we have our critiques. You can read an except from Twenge's book via her article with The Atlantic, "Is Social Media Destroying a Generation?" Plus, Kevin Hart and The Oscars ruin our dinner party this week. *** Original music for FKJ PhD by Emily Jane Powers. For more information on her work, visit emilyjanepowers.com *** Now on Spotify! Subscribe on iTunes & leave a review. Follow us on the Gram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out our Feminist Killjoys, PhD Mixtape on the Fy. Have some extra dollars and want to support feminist media-makers? Consider donating to our Patreon or as a one-time thing at our website. All Patreons receive our FKJ, PHD newsletter and stickers. So become a Patreon today! *insert jingle music here* You can also email us at fkj.phd@gmail.com.