Feminist Killjoys, Phd

EP 99: Borderlands, Immigration and Mobility



In our final episode before summer break//gearing up for episode 100, we chat back y forth acerca de los theories of la frontera y applications of this theoretical framework. There are a lot of resources we reference so make sure to check out our newsletter for links to those resources. Shoot us a note if you are looking for something in particular. Families belong together. EP 60: Marxism with SAL(T) is an excellent companion to this episode. *** Time stamps: Check ins: 00:35-05:00 Announcements acerca de podcast 05:01-11:00 DIY podcasting e-course announcement 11:01-13:07 FKJ listener shout-out y mas podcast musings 13:08-15:05 La Frontera discussion 15:06-27:33 FKJ Commercial 27:34-29:20 Borderlands theory application y mas 29:21-43:19 Praxis (how to apply these theories to activism) 43:20-49:50 RWLs 49:51-56:55 *** INTRO: "Top Floor" GRRRL PRTY OUTRO: "Born Free" M.I.A. *** Subscribe on iTunes & leave a review. Follow us on the Gram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out our Feminist Killjoys, PhD Mixtape