Life Over Coffee With Rick Thomas

Ep. 354 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode, 2



Shows Main Idea – Christianity Today (CT) put together a multi-episode podcast series that chronicles the story of Mars Hill Church (MH) led by Mark Driscoll. The church was planted in 1996 and dissolved in 2014. At its height, they had 15,000+ attendees/members from fifteen campuses. CT has produced this podcast series for the encouragement and admonition of the body of Christ. I will review each episode, not repeating the information in the podcasts, but hoping to put forth insights that we can apply to our lives and church cultures. This podcast reviews episode two. Show Notes: Will you help us so we can continue to provide free content to the world? You can become a supporting member here Or you can make a one-time or recurring donation(s) here