Find Your Grind With A.j. Kirsch

Find Your Grind with A.J. Kirsch - Ep 003 - Anton Voorhees



Welcome to Find Your Grind, a podcast that dives head-first into the pursuit of one's passion, and the passion of the pursuit. Trying a few new segments on this show: Five-Minute Time Limit, during which I share my thoughts on something related to the world of professional wrestling for no longer than five minutes. My FitTip of the Week, when I share a tip to improve your health. And finally, Jukebox when I share a feel-good song that helps keep me motivated. Ep 003 guest: Anton Voorhees (part one), Hoodslam performer and award-winning theater actor. Rather than the typical #FindYourGrind discussion, we dive into wrestling with body image issues.