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834: What Will JWST Discover? Everything You Need To Know | The Big Q



James Webb is the most expensive and most advanced telescope in human history. Will it be worth its $10B price? What it will discover? How long will JWST last? Will it ever be serviced? All the answers are in this episode of The Big Q. 00:00 Intro 00:39 How JWST came together. 02:58 The telescope that ate astronomy. 04:36 Leading to launch. 06:08 Staying at the L2 Lagrange point. 07:09 Infrared spectrum observations. What will JWST see? 11:06 Potential targets for JWST. 15:12 What is Fraser most excited about? 16:53 What will the pictures look like? 18:12 How long will JWST last? 20:30 Even more info about JWST? 21:14 Outro Host: Fraser Cain Producer: Anton Pozdnyakov Editing: Artem Pozdnyakov Video credits: NASA, ESO, Arianespace, Spitzer