Life, Lessons, & Blessings『Ep. 4』



In this episode of the podcast the main discussion stemmed from a question posed earlier in the day which was "should you prioritize stability over happiness" and if so then when should you. Everybody always has some interesting thoughts and opinions so it's always a vibe when talking to the gang. [2G1A] x Avowed Grace Merch is here: https://avowedgrace.com Meet the gang that was featured in this episode & follow their stuff. Westside: twitter.com/outwestgangin www.twitch.tv/callmewestside Tonbi: www.instagram.com/arbnxt/ @arbnxt Lain: twitter.com/kejusne Cinder: twitter.com/ABoldTuna KiteZz: www.instagram.com/kitezz_/ Some of the producers featured in this episode: ‣ neverdp ‣ ace flooded ‣ KodakBeats x2 ‣ blxckboy ‣ S7 ‣ sini ‣ inverse & many more! Check out the sounds in Episode 4 here ➼ https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1WqDkFFOYuJP5ZHbjxd9TT_J5q-p3tH_