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836: Orbit Size Telescopes, Meteors Destroying Satellites, Artificial Gravity | Q&A 186



In this week's Questions and Answers show, I answer what it would take to build a telescope as big as the Earth's orbit around the Sun, why SgrA* seems to have been rolled over on its side, and how we know the age of stars. 00:00 Start 01:50 [Tatooine] Could we have a telescope the size of Earth's orbit? 08:11 [Coruscant] Why is SgrA* rolled over on its side? 09:53 [Hoth] How do we know the age of stars? 14:19 [Naboo] Could you have a collection of smaller mirrors working together? 17:19 [Kamino] Why not build two Uranus missions? 19:11 [Bespin] Why do white dwarfs explode at 1.4 times the mass of the Sun? 21:23 [Mustafar] Where are the Voyagers? 22:20 [Alderaan] Could a meteor storm destroy satellites? 23:49 [Dagobah] Could aliens know there's life on Earth? 27:03 [Yavin] Has anyone ever built artificial gravity in space? 31:36 [Mandalore] How do we get more people to try stargazing? 33:06 [Geonosis] How do you orbit a Lagrange point? 35:31 [Corellia] Are there any missions to return to Pluto? Want to be par